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Now that winter is upon us, there is nothing better to eat than a nice steaming bowl of fresh soup, made in our brand new Beko Soup Maker.

We have teamed up with Beko to help you ‘Eat like a Pro’ and promote healthier lifestyles for you and your family. Soup is a great way to introduce lots of healthy fresh ingredients to your day to day, as well healthy fats and slow releasing carbohydrates to create balanced meals for the entire family. 

Cooking soup in a Beko soup maker

Beko Soup Maker – Features and Usability

1.      4 different ‘Cooking’ Programmes – The main criteria I look for in a new product is versatility and this soup maker ticks that box completely by giving me the option to use this device all year long. Whether you would like a hot soup in the colder months for a nice cold smoothie in the summer, this does it all. The 4 ‘cooking’ features are:

·         Chunky Soup

·         Fine Soup

·         Sauce

·         Crushed Ice

Our little monkey absolutely loves iced drinks and I cannot wait to give this a try when the weather is a little warmer. I can also give it to him guilt free as I can make it with fresh, healthy ingredients. 

2.      Auto Clean! – Yes, this feature is making another appearance in my kitchen and I love it! There is nothing worse than cleaning out blenders and trying to squeeze your hands round the blades to get to all the tricky places to give it a really good clean, but with Auto Clean that is a thing of the past. You simply add a cup full of warm water to the jug, hit go and the results are amazing!

When this feature really come into its own is if you like to cook in batches. You finish one soup, dish it out, auto clean, and start a new batch. You will need to give it a good clean in the washing up bowl afterwards but no stubborn little bits of food to worry about and you know it’s going to be spotless!

Soup Maker by Beko

3.      Easy Assembly and storage – I couldn’t believe just how simple this appliance was to set up. The blades were already attached inside the jug, therefore all I needed to do was to give it a quick clean, attach the jug to the main base unit, plug it in, pop the lid on and there you have it. So so simple. It’s also very light weight and easy to carry. It’s also slim line and fits very comfortably on the kitchen top and slides under the cupboards with ease and also fits into my cupboards without taking up too much space when I’m not using it.

4.      Keep warm function – I used this feature when I made my first soup and it’s a great feature for busy families or people on the go. Sometimes life gets busy and doesn’t always fit around your soup making time. The Beko Soup Maker will keep your soup warm for up to 30 minutes after the cooking time has ended, which gives you a little extra time if you need it.

When I think of soup I’m instantly taken back to my childhood when my mum used to make batches of all different types of soup for me to try. Top of the list is my mums Leek and Potato soup, made with fresh vegetables and double cream, just heavenly! 

Prep soup Beko

I still make Leek and Potato soup to this day, except I’ve swapped out double cream for soy milk to make it a lot healthier, but it’s just as tasty! Since losing my excess weight I am very conscious about my food and love to make almost everything from scratch, this way I know exactly what has gone into it and soup is always a winner and so easy. Even easier now with my new Beko Soup Maker!

As I’ve never actually used a soup maker before and wanted to give the Beko Soup Maker a good 1st try so I thought I would make something a little different and push myself a little more. I decided to try a deliciously tasty and healthy, Tomato and Chorizo soup which is a great blend of fresh vegetables and healthy fats and I was shocked by just how fresh it tasted with very little effort. The flavours really popped and because I used the chunky feature, the texture of the tomato and chorizo was wonderful. 

I started by lightly frying 2 cloves of crushed garlic with the slices of chorizo in a pan on a medium/low heat, of which I used about 75g, which is more than enough for approximately 4 servings. I did this to release the oils from the sausage and it also gives it a nicer texture and it’s something I always do. 

Beko Soup create

From this point onwards, I simply added all the ingredients to the jug –

·         Chorizo and garlic (from the pan)

·         500ml chicken or veg stock

·         1tsp basil 

·         1 tin of chopped tomatoes

·         Handful of cherry tomatoes (cut in half)

·         ½ tsp of sugar

·         Season with salt and pepper

Set the programme to chunky, set the cooking time to 20 minutes and let the Soup Maker do its job. So simple, so healthy and so tasty!

Beko soup maker

This soup maker is available to buy directly from Beko or and retails at £99

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