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Last night we found out we’d made it into the Best Family Fun category of the Mad Blog Awards.

Since we started our blog in January 2012, we have had the pleasure of attending the awards for three years running.

I find this incredibly moving.

When we started this blog, we just wanted to document our pregnancy and capture Monkey’s mile stones along the way. Kirsty had always wanted to start a blog and I thought it would be a good idea, so My Two Mums was created. Little did we know we were just about to be welcomed into the most wonderful family of diverse, loving and highly articulate people.

Our journey began with the start of our family and it has continued to grow ever since.

You have literally helped us to climb mountains.

We watch every year as new bloggers join the ranks and we have the pleasure of welcoming them to the community. This year we couldn’t be happier to see another same sex mum blog burst of out of nowhere and make a huge impact on the blogging community. The Goblin Child has been nominated for 2 categories in this years Mad Blog Awards and we have our fingers crossed that she makes it onto that stage to accept her award.

We have realised over the years that we owe a lot to the bloggers who we look up to for helping us along this road.

One person in particular is the lovely Sian from Geek is the New Chic who gave us our first big brand collaboration with Mamas and Papas in the Stonewall Award Winning Urbo ‘How We Roll’ campaign, Sian continues to be a role model to us and also a great friend.

We would like to thank each and every one of you who voted for us. It really means more to us than we can ever put into words. We will continue to share our life with you all for as long as possible.

With love . . .

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  1. Goblin Child Reply

    I’m so proud of you, and of us. And so tremendously happy that the two of you will be there too. It’s a good day for diversity!

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