Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Sensory Blocks – Review

Monkey was recently asked to be an official toy tester for The Toadstool UK online store. As he is becoming much more interactive with his toys, we have him permission to accept the offer. The first toys he has had fun reviewing, are the fab Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Sensory Blocks.


Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Sensory Blocks - Review - mytwomums.com

When the box first arrived, we were a little concerned that it was aimed at older children. M let us check them over, before letting him loose on the blocks. Straight away he grabbed one of the square blocks and started chomping on it. The blocks come in a handy wooden container, which when loaded with all the blocks is a little heavy for M to lift. But he finds it very easy to tip over and empty out the blocks. The blocks consist of, two cubes, two small cylinders and two cuboids. Each of the blocks contain small beads, all safely held behind strong plexiglass. We know its strong as we’ve banged them together, dropped them off a shelf and M has stomped on them.

We love the way the blocks provoke imaginative play. We’ve stacked them and knocked them down, rolled them across the floor, shook them to make different sounds, banged them together and practiced putting them back in the container. All concerns we had about M being too young have disappeared. He loves the Wonderworld blocks and to be honest, we’re a bit smitten too. We love the simplicity of them, they are stimulating but not overwhelming. M can happily sit and chomp on a block or try to stack it without it singing at him or lighting up, like a lot of his other toys. Not that there’s anything wrong with singing toys. But I love seeing him interactive with something that he provides the soundtrack for, currently it’s just babbling. But I have high hopes for teaching him the colours of each shape.


Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Sensory Blocks - Review - mytwomums.com

We have been trying to teach M to be careful with the lid, as it has a tendency to snap down quite quickly. But so far this hasn’t caused any issues, I think we are just being over cautious. The blocks look great when sat on a window sill when the sun shines (if it shines). We know this is a toy which will grow with M, as his motor skills improve, it will be fun to watch him stacking the blocks, although he has a good go already.

You can purchase the Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Sensory Blocks from The Toadstool UK.


The Toadstool Uk - Toy Tester


We were sent this item free of charge to review as part of a toy testing team. All views are our own.

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