A Woodland Birthday

This month has whizzed by. As soon as M’s birthday was over with, it all became about the lead up to C’s birthday. We hoped for nice weather so that we could visit Moors Valley Park. Last year C was totally out of it for her birthday due to lack of sleep and low iron levels. Hopefully she enjoyed this year a lot more.

A Woodland BirthdayC

This month C has been busy looking for a job and also coming up with fantastic ideas for fun things to do next year. She also finds time to do the 30 Day Shred with me in between taking M to softplay, swimming and Ryhme time. Our little dude has a busier social life than us.

A Woodland Birthday K

This month I had my first booked photoshoot. Which I loved doing and can’t wait to do more. I have been enjoying the 30 Day Shred with C and I’m loving watching the changes in our little man.

A Woodland Birthday M

Monkey has been growing so very fast this month. He is measuring above average for height. This will come in useful when he is older as C and I are quite short. M has started walking everywhere whilst clutching his favourite blanket, it’s so adorable. He is also talking much more and can say Mama, Mummy, Nanna, Nanny, Grandpa and Grandad along with several more words he shouts loudly whilst pointing.

A Woodland Birthday

I know this picture is slightly out of focus, but we love it. I really wanted to capture how green it was in the woods. C found a log, I set up my tripod and timer and had to run between the camera and the log, M found this hilarious and kept screaming “Mama” each time I was behind the camera. I can’t wait to plan next months.

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  1. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    This is lovely ladies, and that top photo of C in Black and White is just GORGEOUS. Sounds like a busy month you have had, and K’s is very exciting with her first booked shoot. Maybe one day you can take some photos of me and my family, I would love that, you are such a talented lady. I also love how in your family shot you are colour coordinated, now I would like to think it was by chance, but if you are anything like me you always think with a ‘ooh that would look nice for a photo’ head. 😉 x

  2. katie Reply

    Ahh i love your family pic – i didn’t even notice it was out of focus, the setting is so beautiful!

    Happy birthday to C 🙂

  3. Capture by Lucy Reply

    Woo congrats all round, photo shoots, being super mums! Such a lovely picture, think you should go back to that beautiful log and do it every year! xxx

  4. Caro Reply

    I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve commented on your blog. How adorable is your little man?! The photo with his blanket is really sweet. Really lovely picture of the three of you too and the setting is beautiful.

  5. Carie Reply

    Wow! Just wow! It’s such a gorgeous composition with all that lush greenery and lovely tall trees and your family is clearly so tightly knit and full of love.

  6. Lauren Reply

    So many lovely photos.
    I can’t see that your family portrait photo is out of focus. I love how special it is, surrounded by trees on Claras birthday.
    Well done Kirsty with your photography, I know how important it is to you. Good luck Clara with the job hunt, and I love the idea of plans for next year.
    I can’t believe how quickly M is growing. He’s such a clever little boy xx

  7. Emily Beale Reply

    What a fab backdrop! We love Moors Valley, the perfect place for little ones to enjoy the outdoors! Great family pictures as always x

  8. nic@nipitinthebud Reply

    aw there’s something so inherently calming about time spent in the woods. Lovely to have a great photo as a reminder of how tranquil life can be with a toddler! Our me and mine was in the woods too :o)

  9. Chloe Reply

    The running back and forth with the self-timer definitely seems to be a good way to get the little ones more interested in having their photos taken – Arlo finds it absolutely hilarious when I do it. I find I usually have focus issues when using a tripod and remote, really wish I could be in two places at once – I have real control issues with NOT being behind the camera, hehe.

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  11. SAHMlovingit Reply

    Haha! My kids have a better social life than me too – it’s a given when you’re a parent! Lovely photos and that last one of you all is great.

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