Words stick, make sure it’s in a good way

We’ve all said things without thinking. Words that we never intended to upset or offend. Words are incredibly powerful and can do unseen damage that can impact the way you live and the things you achieve. I’ve already shared my experience at school and how I feel my years at secondary school left me lost and lacking confidence as I entered adulthood. But I wanted to share the discovery I’ve made as an adult. That words can bind you for over 20 years, but you can break those binds.

wordsQuote by Robin Sharma

When I went to secondary school I loved the idea of an art class, a whole class dedicated to exploring artistic skills. Except I was told I couldn’t draw and I believed that person. I didn’t bother trying because I felt I should put my time into subjects I could do. So in year 9 I didn’t choose Art as a GCSE and it was all forgotten. Until 2015 when someone lovely invited us to try Sketch Book Club and someone told me my sketches were good and thankfully this time, I believed them.

The feeling of sketching and seeing something appear that looks like what I am attempting to draw, makes me feel really happy. It’s also having a positive effect on certain OCD triggers of mine. I still need reassurance that what I am drawing is any good. I feel this is down to my OCD and the need to know I am doing something right. Below is a sketch my little man asked me to do. He acts like my sketches are museum worthy when he sees a new once. It’s quite the little boost.

dino sketch

So back to the reason for this post. Words are powerful they can hurt, they can praise, they can be life changing and they can ignite a fire in you to discover things you didn’t know you were any good at. We all have the opportunity to impact on other’s lives. Something you feel is just a flippant comment or observation, may make more of an impression than you realise. It’s worth thinking if something really NEEDS to be said. Words are a choice, use them wisely.

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  1. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    Words are more painful or more inspirational than being shown I honestly believe. I spend my life letting words control my decisions all to much.

    I am so thankful you have found sketching, you know that I love it xxx

  2. xOjox Reply

    I was actually told, by a teacher, in secondary school that I (are you ready): “was a waste of taxpayers money, and would never be as good as my brothers”

    I’ve struggled all my life, since that moment, with my confidence. No matter who tells me I’m good enough, I never think I will be.
    (Also, I haven’t shared that, since leaving school)

    Your pictures are awesome, I have loved then on social media, you are amazing xxx

  3. Stephs Two Girls Reply

    Love your sketches, they are amazing! Am with you on the whole words thing too – especially the fact that people often don’t intend to upset, but just haven’t taken time to think about what they are saying. I’m the first to admit I don’t always get it right either though 🙁

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