Worlds Apart – My First Ready Bed Thomas and Friends – Review

If like us, you and you’re family love to go camping but are worried about where your toddler will sleep, you need a Ready Bed in your life.

Before we had Monkey, Kirsty and I liked to go camping a lot. Our most memorable experience had to be when we decided (idiotically) to take an impromptu night away in Brighton, in a tiny 2 man tent, in March. During the course of the evening the temperature dropped to below freezing and we just couldn’t keep warm, so at 3am we decided to grab our stuff and bundle the tent into our car with the poles and pegs still attached, we were that cold, we couldn’t bring ourselves to pack the tent away. Then we drove back to our lovely warm house, luckily we only lived and hour away. Even that experience didn’t put us off.

I have to admit however, that once little M came along, I was very reluctant to take him camping and our (new) tent just gathered dust in storage for a long time. I mostly worried about where he would sleep and how I would keep him warm during the night.

A few months ago we were asked to attend Camp Bestival, as official bloggers and we just couldn’t pass up the chance to attend. We have always wanted to go. We made the mutual decision to camp at the festival which brought up my fears of where M would sleep. Then the lovely people over at Worlds Apart came to my rescue and offered us a Ready Bed to use at the festival.

We chose a Thomas the Tank Engine design, which brought a big beaming smile to Monkey’s face when he first saw it. There are loads of different designs to chose from on the Worlds Apart website, which is brilliant.

ready bed

We love the overall design of the bed. It has a little sleeping bag already attached and raised sides at the top, to keep your little one secure and gives them a feeling of safety. M took to it really well and didn’t really want to get off it. Whilst at Camp Bestival we also took M’s duvet and pillow for extra warmth, which was needed but I think if you were staying somewhere overnight in a warm room then you might not need an extra duvet.

The Ready Bed fit inside our tent without any problems, it was just the right size for him, with lots of growing room so we can use this product for years to come. It also has an inbuilt bag so when you are finished using it you just roll it up and store it, no fuss. The Ready Bed also comes with a little pump to inflate it, which we liked very much, no getting out of breath at the festival for us!

ready bed train

It really is a fantastic product, which M loves. It made our first camping trip as a family very enjoyable and stress free. M slept through the night the whole weekend so he must have felt very safe and comfy on his Ready Bed.

We also adore Worlds Apart and highly recommend you go and check it out. They not only supply beautiful products for babies, toddlers and children, they also have a section for parents to get advice on how to help your toddler sleep better at night, which we found very insightful. We are very lucky to have a little one who loves to sleep but I know many parents struggle with bedtimes and getting their children to sleep through the night, so it’s great to see that Worlds Apart also have the parent in mind.

ready bed thomas train

The Thomas the Tank Engine My First Ready bed  from Worlds Apart, retails at £29.99 which I think is very reasonable for an item which can be used over and over again.

*We were sent this item for the purpose of this review.


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