Wunderlife Brug Launches on Kickstart

As lovers of adventure and getting outdoors it’s always nice when you discover a brand and product that fit your lifestyle. This was particularly true when we were introduced to Wunderlife and the Brug. The creators of Wunderlife are parents who wanted to create a product that had a multi-purpose to give you a little extra time to enjoy the moments that matter.

Wunderlife the brug

So what is a Brug? The Brug is a water resistant rug that transforms into a bag. It’s such a simple idea but one we’ve not seen before. We’ve had so many picnic rugs that can be rolled and attached to rucksacks, but not a rug that actually becomes a bag to help transport whatever you need on your adventure.

using the brug

Heading to the beach? Pop your children’s beach toys and buckets and spades into the Brug and when you get to the sand you just unzip and lay it out to give you somewhere to sit. There’s no need for additional bags AND a rug, you can combine the two, saving extra hands to wrestle small children away from the ice cream stand.

We recently took our Brug to Kingston Lacy on a rather windy and slightly damp day. It was quite funny watching Clara attempt to lay it out in the wind, but once it was down we had somewhere dry to sit. When it came to pack it away I was able to pop my camera tripod and accessories into the Brug whilst Clara zipped it up. It’s very lightweight and machine washable, which is handy as we got it a little muddy.

windy brug

Using the Brug at the park

relaxing on the brug

Brug bag and a rug

packing away the brug

windswept with the brug

To support the Wunderlife Brug and it’s recent launch, head to Kickstarter. The ‘early bird’ backers (i.e those that pledge in the first few days of the campaign) will receive the Brug at 40% discount on the retail price – £38 instead of £63.

We were sent the Brug for the purpose of review.

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