Year One, Smashed it!

So that’s it, the polo shirts we could never keep white are in the bin, the lunchbox has been washed and packed away and the table is covered in school projects and workbooks from the past year. Year One is over and our little man just turned 6.

The last few months have flown by, with M seeming to leap forward in so many areas of his life. His reading and writing improved so much in such a short space of time during the year, to the point where one minute he was reading books with a line on the page to suddenly being able to read EVERYTHING in sight.

We had a bumpy start to the beginning of the Year due to him having some issues with another child teaching him ALL the swear words and being quite unkind to him, but we end the year with a more confident boy that has made quite good friends with many others.

I certainly wasn’t ready for the attitude this year would bring, it’s been a parenting learning curve for us all that has proved challenging at times. Who knew 5 year olds knew everything and were always right. Plus when your child masters sarcasm and uses it with fantastic timing you feel a mix of frustration and pride.

M reminds me of myself a lot of the time, which has meant our bond has grown in many ways this year. Knock Knock jokes are a common ground we share and his love of reading is something that allows me to see myself at his age. We are hoping to keep stoking the reading fire over the Summer with the Library reading challenge. Reading was my favourite thing to do at his age and has lead to a huge passion for books, so I hope he maintains his love.

Now for a Summer of adventures!

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