It’s a YES – Marriage Equality

For the last few months we’ve followed the news surrounding the Australian postal survey on Marriage Equality.

On 9 August 2017, the Treasurer, under the Census and Statistics Act 1905, directed the Australian Statistician to collect and publish statistical information from all eligible Australians on the Commonwealth Electoral Roll, about their views on whether or not the law should be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry. – Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey

It was incredibly baffling to us how in 2017 a survey needed to be taken just to see if people felt the law should be changed, because to be honest it’s nobody’s business but those choosing to marry whether they should or not. Even our 5 year old understands that love is love and two mums should be able to marry. But still we supported the Vote Yes campaign and often got upset at all the Vote No propaganda. LGBT families we followed on Instagram often spoke of the vile abuse directed at the LGBTQ community, highlighting how most of the propaganda targeted those with children or hopes to start a family.

Families like ours learned who their friends were and even discovered colleagues that didn’t agree with their family situation. It really was an unnecessary survey and seemed to just force the LGBTQ community to endure varying levels of abuse.

Last night Clara and I sat down to stream the results live from Australia. We listened to the excitement in the air as Vote Yes campaign videos were show on big screens. We thought of our little boy fast asleep upstairs and hoped that when we take him to see our family in Australia, families like ours would be accepted and recognised by the law.

Then the results were read out……… 61.6% Voted Yes and 38.4% Voted No.


We both sat with tears in our eyes watching the screen, as families like ours hugged and cheered with joy. We had seen another part of LGBTQ history in our lifetime. There is still so much work to do around the world and the Australians still need to see Marriage Equality become law. But it just feels amazing when you see the world take a step forward, especially when you want to raise your son in an accepting inclusive world.


Photo by Luca Upper on Unsplash

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