You’re never still

I love that this blog is an online scrapbook of our little man’s childhood. We have vlogs and blogs posts to look back on at various points in his life, which I hope one day he will read and be pleased we captured them. I wanted to write about the changes in our little man as he grows so that he gets an idea of the little person we nurtured before he became the teen or man that reads this blog.

Well at this point M, now you are nearly two months away from turning 4, you’re never still! It’s not just a fidget or a nervous movement, you actively like to be moving ALL the time. I love how you like to be moving, but equally it can be frustrating at times where I’d like you to stay still, like dinner time or when we are in a queue at the supermarket or when I’m trying to get you to try on clothes in a clothes store. The only real time I see you sitting still is when you’re watching something you love on TV or when you are asleep.

never still

You are great at not straying too far in public places, we’ve taught you that if you can’t see us we can’t see you when out and about. But that doesn’t always prevent you from exploring your curiosity down the next supermarket aisle or over a sand dune at the beach.

never still up

There’s a fine line between wanting you to be near, but wanting you to explore. We will always be on the side of exploring, as long as it’s safe to do so. We love taking you to the beach or the woods when it’s not too busy so that you can explore within sight, in your own imagination.

never still jump

never still leap

I never want to be that parent that forces you to tone down your excitement to move, as long as the location and time permits. Our bodies were designed to move lots and I want to encourage you to keep on moving.

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  1. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    I really get this, Deacon is cut from the same cloth, never stops, even in his sleep. It is a fine balance and I am sure you are doing it just right, gorgeous photos xxx

  2. SlummySingleMummy Reply

    I can’t believe how big he is now! Lovely photos.

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