Yumbox, Healthy portions and picky eaters.

When I first discovered the Yumbox, I won’t lie, I was a little put off by the price. I couldn’t justify spending £24.95 on a lunchbox, especially if I wanted to get myself AND M one. But over time I read lots of reviews, trawled the Yumbox hashtag on Instagram and decided that it was a beaut of a lunchbox and could imagine it helping our little picky eater and get my healthy eating under control.

delicious yumbox

We were very kindly sent a Yumbox from the new spring range to see if it was the lunchbox for us and I am happy to report that I am certainly buying another one. Our lunch time has changed for the better and our little man is trying new foods every day.

healthy yumbox

I have been sharing my creations on both our My Two Mums Instagram and my Fitness journey Instagram. I love how we both use the box for totally different lunches. I feel inspired to create new and healthy lunches for our little man and it encourages me to watch my portions when I use it for my lunch.

The box comes in two parts, one is the smooth easy to clean outer casing with a secure lid that is easy to open by M and the second part is the insert which is a bit fiddly to clean but fits snuggly within the case. You can also buy additional inserts to allow for different lunch combinations.

yumbox healthy

I was curious how well wet food like yogurts, sauces and condiments would fair in the compartments as it claims to be able to place yogurt in a section next to sandwiches, with no leakage! I can confirm that this can be done! I have placed many different condiments in the compartments with no spoilage to the other foods. It really is impressive. It also allows you to place crackers and popcorn in the Yumbox without any loss of crispness.


I know people may be skeptical how a lunchbox helps a picky eater try new foods, but it really has helped increase the menu for our little man. He’s started to eat nuts, try new fruits and even eat rosemary and olive oil crackers. My on the other hand? I have been using the Yumbox to keep my lunches within a specific calorie intake and I have been full up every single time.

So do I think I can justify £24.95? It is quite a lot for a lunchbox, especially if you are buying for the whole family. But it really does deliver and has helped us eat healthier. I will be saving over a few weeks to buy myself another as M is trying to reclaim his.

yummy yumbox

If you want to invest in a Yumbox, the lovely Eats Amazing has all the fab colours on offer.

We Were sent the Yumbox for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are our own.

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    LP loves her YumBox and we still use it most days. It really is great for eating a variety of food, offering choice and portion control x

  2. HonestMum Reply

    These look wonderful and I adore your styling and photography-so vibrant and enticing. Congrats on your well deserved nomination, good luck x

  3. EllaRalph Reply

    We LOVE our Yumbox! I get so many positive comments on it (and the contents) from the staff at our preschool. Thankfully Oliver has never been a fussy eater (the term ‘human dustbin’ has been coined by many!) but he’s not overly fussed about eating bread so sandwiches are a bit of a waste of time – the Yumbox is perfect and means he gets food from all the different food groups without me even really having to think about it – I just follow the bottom of the tray haha!

    I will definitely be buying another when Harry is old enough to use one. They are pricey but well worth it!

    Great review and nice photos 🙂 xx

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