IUI in Denmark

Since C and I decided to start trying for another baby, I’ve been thinking about the journey we took when we first began our baby making adventure.

We’ve never really written about our very first attempt at starting a family as we felt it was a personal experience and I think we were left feeling a little sad it wasn’t successful. But we were blessed with a little man via other means and feel that talking about our IUI experience in Denmark could help another couple kick start their journey towards a family.

So firstly what is IUI and why did we choose it?

IUI stands for Intrauterine insemination and involves a procedure to separate fast moving sperm from slower or non-moving sperm. This is completed in a laboratory and prepared within a small flexible tube called a catheter, which is then inserted into your womb via your cervix. This procedure takes place close to the time of ovulation. We chose IUI as we were hoping that it would give us the best chance of starting a family. We spent many months researching which path to take and decided IUI took away the fear of “wasting the goods”. We knew that only the good sperm would be used and would be helped on it’s journey to fertlising an egg.

Why Denmark?

We found out about a insemination clinic in Denmark, after reading an advert in Diva magazine (a mag for women who like women). The laws on anonymity of donors in the UK had recently changed, yet Denmark still allowed the use of an anonymous donor. We had decided on an anonymous donor as we felt that there would be no future complications if contact wished to be made. Denmark is also only a short flight and offered us the opportunity for a mini break in a county we’d never visited before.

How much did it cost?

This is a question we get asked quite a bit and to be honest you can’t really put a set price on this one. We paid for an initial consultation, donor sperm, insemination, accommodation and flights. We also paid for food and drink, which isn’t cheap in Denmark and had some spending money for the day we spent there. It is probably one of the most expensive things we have paid for, up until we purchased our car last year. Whenever we are asked for advice on starting a family we always suggest researching all paths you can afford. If you wish to go down the clinic route, there will be fees and it is not always successful.

How was the experience?

Well aside from delayed flights, frantic taxi rides and the fear of missing our allotted insemination slot. It was a fab little trip. Although our IUI was unsuccessful, the memory of starting our journey in Denmark will always be with us. The clinic was fantastic. We felt really well looked after and they helped put our minds at rest when we feared we wouldn’t make our appointment. The actual insemination was over quite quickly, which allowed us to spend the evening relaxing. The next day we explored the town, a local art exhibition and sampled several plates of nachos.

Would we travel to Denmark for IUI again?

We’ve discussed this and decided we wouldn’t travel to Denmark for IUI again. This is not due to the experience we had, as we really loved Denmark and would revisit for a holiday. But we’ve researched paths available to us in the UK and feel that taking the stress of travel out of the equation, could be beneficial to conception.

If you are looking to start a family and are considering IUI in Denmark as an option then all we can suggest is do your research. Can you afford it? Will the travel cause unnecessary stress? Are there other options? etc. We are strong believers in finding a insemination solution that works for you, as it is a personal experience.

The following images were taken over the two days we were in Denmark.

denmark water

denmark river

denmark river view

denmark red man

denmark faces

denmark museum

denmark dancers

denmark boats

denmark bikes

denmark beauty

denmark beach

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  1. Goblin Child Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this experience. Jetting off for fertility treatment was one of my fantasies. We ultimately opted for IVF in London but I’d love to do a romantic minibreak with a resulting baby. I hope so much that the path that you choose yields a baby or twins! – easily and on the first go.

  2. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    Thank you for sharing your story. I feel this will be so helpful and important to people who are in a similar position. All I can say is I believe little dude was created out of love and so will his sibling no matter how they arrive there.
    Thank you xx

  3. Donna Wishart Reply

    I’m sorry that it didn’t work out that time around but you obviously have great memories of Denmark. I hope next time works out first time and you end up with a beautiful sibling for M x

  4. Helen Stewart Reply

    We imported our sperm from Denmark to a Scottish clinic. Our donor is identity release but we’re happy with that. The amount & type of information provided is so good compared to the virtually non existing info you get in the UK. I think it probably bridges the gap for most donor conceived kids between curiosity about yourself & feeling the need to contact your donor directly but we’ll see as our kids grow up.
    Baby making has been expensive for us too (3 drug free iui, 6 drug assisted iui & 2 rounds of ivf to get pregnant with our DD). 2nd time round we jumped straight to ivf & it worked first time. We’re lucky to have had the financial resources to do it & I really feel for those for whom it just isn’t an option.

  5. Life With Munchers Reply

    What a great place to visit. Just sorry that it didn’t work out, but glad you got there in the end. x

  6. simplept.net Reply

    We’re Paula & Maria, from Lisbon.
    It was very nice to read your post, since we’re going to Denmark for a FIV on next month (Vitanova clinic).
    Wish you all the luck in the world!

  7. Downs Side Up Reply

    Thank you for sharing this part of your story with others. I love how you both always look for the positives even when things don’t go to plan. I too adore Scandinavia by the way.

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